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    This book unlocks the secret of how just a few words added to the back of a business card changed not only a man, but quite possibly tens of thousands of businesses. You'll read how an owner transitions from running a successful business his way to completely giving it over to God to operate His way! Be careful... reading this book just might change you in ways you never imagined.

    Northwest Indiana C12

    Join other Christian CEOs and business owners in Crown Point who help each other improve their businesses and leadership through guided counsel and insights. Business Forums offer an uncommon opportunity to learn from others who get it and have been there. C12 members meet monthly throughout the Indiana area to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

    Changing the World

    Founded in 1992 by Buck Jacobs in Tampa, Florida, C12 has grown from three local Business Forums to the nation’s largest network of Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives. C12 is a leader in the movement of God in and through the marketplace. Located in major metro areas across the United States, C12 serves businesses with 10 to 10,000+ employees and annual revenues ranging from $2 million to $2 billion+.

    More Than a CEO Business Forum 

    C12 is not simply a Christian CEO network, professional networking forum, business Bible study, or guest speaker forum. It is a confidential and intimate environment where like-minded Christian business CEOs and executive leadership share ideas, discover and plan for areas in their business that need improvement, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another to conduct business in a God-honoring way.

    The Trusted Authority

    C12 has become the trusted authority on incorporating business best practices with the foundation of Biblical principles and core values. Christian business leaders from multiple industries meet monthly for a time of mutual sharpening, high-impact learning, and growth as stewards and Ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace. The C12 experience is accompanied by a world-class curriculum and resources curated by top business and ministry leaders.

    About Mark Larocca

    About Mark LaroccaAmong Mark's many gifts, he is able to bring order to difficult situations. He thrives on turning chaos into order. Being an entrepreneur but growing into a business person, Mark has been part of startups while also restructuring legacy businesses. Mark has succeeded in the service industry as well as manufacturing. He has worked and served in some of the most challenging environments in the world. As a result, Mark has served at the request of many Fortune 100 companies. However, he enjoys working with business owners that have a growth mindset.

    Mark is an intent listener who is able to draw out the right questions enabling an owner or their team towards a solution they've developed together. A key component is communicating what a CEO or owner needs to hear but may not necessarily want to hear. Mark does not avoid those crucial and essential conversations.

    Mark has helped owners navigate through recessions, political unrest, and the uncertainties of Covid. God has prepared Mark well for this season in life, and in his own words, "God has made me for a time such as this, to use my gifts and talents to help others excel and face their own challenges." After selling his most recent business of 20 years, Mark spent time consulting and found it lacking. Staying in contact with his C12 cadre, he was encouraged to look at the calling of a C12 Chair and gladly accepted the leadership role.

    Mark's final goal in life is to help other business owners Build Great Businesses for a Greater Purpose. Many business owners do not realize their business is a ministry! The most cherished part of Mark's life is family; he has been blessed with the gift of raising two children who have been homeschooled by his wife of over 25 years. In Mark's words, "There is nothing more important than God, Family, and Country." When not working, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, reading, mountain biking, and shooting shotguns.


    "12 has been the most impacting thing that I have done in the consistent 20 years of my life over anything else professionally or personally that I have participated in. Now what I mean by that is that even different activities that I have engaged in have been for a season, they’ve done good things but consistently month by month by month, I have been moved by C12 more than any other thing I can think of to grow in terms of my personal walk with God, my personal development as a human being, my company development, my family, my wife, my relationship with my kids, everything has been impacted by C12. I was getting in it initially because I thought I’d get some good business help and advice. I knew that the materials would be biblically founded, and be strong, and be good but I never anticipated that the total holistic personal development would happen as a result of that."

    - Jay Fechtel, Florida, C12 Member Since 1992
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    "Well it actually took me about 18 months to join a C12 group because the guy kept calling me and I always had the same excuse, I just don’t see that I have time to do this. I was doing so many things and that was my excuse. And I know it’s the excuse of many busy CEOs is they just don’t think they have enough time. But what I’ve found is it’s been such a critical application for me, and my business, and my life that it’s actually given me more time because of the things that I discuss and learn there. And when you’re focusing on the important things, the Lord seems to just provide you with the time you need to do the other things. As a business owner you can often feel alone, you’re wanting to mentor and help your people grow – but who’s mentor and help you grow? C12 has just provided that opportunity to meet with other like-minded individuals that hold you accountable, that you can talk about the struggles you’re going through, and they care about you."

    - Kris Denbesten, Florida, C12 Member Since 2008
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    "What I found by being engaged in C12, it has raised my business IQ in so many levels that I’m such a better consultant. And I think it’s also created more freedom for me, as my business has matured we’ve hired more people and I’ve started taking my name out of this box and can put someone else’s name in that box and my name is now no longer in this box someone else does it. It’s just given me so much more latitude to work on the business rather than in the business. So clearly I attribute to C12 being able to do what I do more effectively by giving me more time to do it."

    - Andy Lynch, North Carolina, C12 Member Since 2004
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    It is our mission to equip Christian CEOs and business owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

    Core Values

    • Results Matter
      God measures results and so should we!
    • Gratitude
      We embrace our calling in light of God's grace with thanksgiving.
    • Pressing On
      We operate with a zeal for God's best in all things, never settling, coasting, or quitting.
    • Camaraderie
      We joyfully serve as a cadre, embracing God's call to unity in Christ.
    • Humility
      We desire God's best and are always open to learning and correction.
    • Bema Mindset
      We operate as stewards with eternal accountability in everything.